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IPB Measures to Reduce the Spread of Coronavirus/COVID-19



  • This page will be updated by IPB if necessary.
  • In case of an update all customers, suppliers and partners of IPB will receive an additional E-Mail with the changes.
  • No change has been necessary since the issued date of 2020/03/17 and modification from 2020/06/10 as per 2020/10/26.



Update Berlin, 10.06.2020


Dear Clients, Partners and Suppliers of IPB,

the reduction of personal contact  between employees was loosened under the applicable hygiene and clearance rules.

IPB's measures:

  • Introduction of "face-to-face" meetings while maintaining hygiene and distance regulations
  • Avoidance of overcrowding of office space
    • Keeping the distance to colleagues (10 - 15 sqm per employee in the room)
    • If the minimum distance of 1.50 m to each other cannot be kept in individual cases, the mask obligation still applies!
    • The offices are regularly ventilated (see occupational safety standard).

Please notice the regulations issued on 2020/03/17 and 2020/04/23 below are still valid.

We wish you and your staff (furthermore) good health!

    Your IPB COVID-19 Crisis Team on behalf of the Management




Update Berlin, 23.04.2020


Dear Clients, Partners and suppliers of IPB,


the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has set a new occupational safety standard for dealing with the challenge posed by the corona virus.

Based on this standard, IPB will introduce an obligation to wear a mouth and nose mask for all customers / suppliers and IPB employees as of April 27th 2020.
The obligation to wear a mask applies to the following activities:

  • Working in the IPB Datacenters including ancillary technical areas
  • Cooperation with IPB employees where a minimum distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained

We ask for your understanding for this protective measure.

Please inform your employees working at our locations and equip them accordingly with mouth and nose masks.


Please notice that the regulations issued on 2020/03/17 below are still valid.


We wish you and your staff (furthermore) good health!

  Your IPB COVID-19 Crisis Team on behalf of the Management


Berlin, Mar 17 2020


Dear Clients, Partners and suppliers of IPB,


our 24x7 Data Center, Networks and Cloud Services are made for being reliable and uninterruptible. You can reach us 24x7 as normal and our services will continue to run as usual.


However, the situation in which this happens is a special one: In these days, we are all committed to prevent the further spread of the COVID-19 / Coronavirus as it is in our all interest to stay healthy and to ensure that our environment remains healthy.


We want to keep in touch with you so that we can handle the tasks ahead effectively. We give you an overview of our measures catalog. Hygiene is the essential basis for it. As an exception, we have placed this part in the end of this letter, in order to give you a picture of the otherwise effective measures that can have influence on the deployment times for our services.


IPB COVID-19 Crisis Team


The IPB COVID-19 Crisis Team was established to deal with the special requirements of the situation and it's development. The team will coordinate closely on an ongoing basis and take the communication task. The crisis team brought a package of measures into action and made plans for further developments:



  • The IPB COVID-19 Crisis Team is reachable for you via

  • Feel free to ask us or give advice. We will respond as soon as possible.


  • Define catalog of measures

  • Coordination of emergency plan and catalog of measures

  • Communication on all matters relating to COVID-19
    • With you, to IPB internally and with the IPB main service providers

  • Evaluation of the news situation on a daily basis and intraday, if necessary
  • If Modifications on the measure catalog are necessary, we will inform you

Communication to IPB Service Providers


The IPB COVID-19 Crisis Team is in close contact with service providers who are available 24x7 for maintenance and service of electrical and cooling systems.
We are coordinating our emergency plans with these main service providers to ensure an ongoing service as usual.


Reduction of Personal Contacts


The reduction of personal contact between employees and with you - our customers and suppliers - is of crucial importance.


IPB's measures:

  • Work from home as far as possible
  • Preferred use of private transport (car, bike etc.) instead of public transport
  • No "face-to-face" meetings
  • Allocation of the teams to different locations, building parts, floors, home office as far as possible (see below)


Reachability 24x7


We are reachable for you as usual:

  • Phone and email as documented in our Contact Matrix 1 during office hours
  • 24x7 hotline reachability as documented in our Contact Matrix 1
  • 24x7 Data Center Access und access procedures as usual
    • Please, give announcements for planned data center access und deliveries as soon as possible


Deployment Times for Orders / Changes


The aforementioned division of the teams between home office and locations reduces personal contacts and thus the risk of infection as much as possible.
We also divide team competences on different locations to have one fully operational team per task in every location.


The maxim applies that we naturally want to complete every order as quickly as possible.


However, due to the changed distribution of personnel and work organisation, the following effects on deployment times can be expected:


Logistics / Deliveries


Expected slight delays, especially location Lützowstraße. We can always avoid delays through predictability.


We therefore ask for the earliest possible announcement of goods deliveries.


DCM Field Service / Smart Hands / Cross Connects


We expect delayed delivery times here:

  • CrossConnects (CroCos): Standard deployment time of currently up to 5 working days now up to 10 working days

  • Precablings (PreCabs):  Standard deployment time of currently up to 3 weeks now up to 5 weeks
    • Advice: We need to check dependencies of delivery time needed for precablings material. We will get in touch with you if necessary

  • Remote-Hands/Smart-Hands & Eyes: From 12-24 hours standard on up to 2 working days

We therefore ask you to inform us as early as possible, especially for plannable orders.


Managed Services / Cloud / Network


In all likelihood no influence on the availability time for new orders. Should this be foreseeable in individual cases and if CrossConnects are involved, we will contact you.




Unchanged as defined in contract / SLA.


Protection of Health → Securing Operation


The uninterrupted 24x7 operation of our ongoing services is our priority. To achieve this, the health of our employees has top priority.


Hygiene measures


In view of the situation, the range of hygiene measures provides the necessary basis for all other activities. We therefore take this point very seriously.

Some examples:

  • Disinfectants at all relevant points at IPB
  • Other on-site hygiene measures you will encounter when accessing the data centers
  • Company doctor and first aider are involved and informed


Reduction of Personal Contact


This point comes up again here, since the reduction of personal contacts is the key. It is the only truly effective means of combating the spread of coronavirus.


Please help and let us together contain the situation in this way.


Best regards - stay healthy!


  Your IPB COVID-19 Crisis Team on behalf of the Management



1) As a customer, you can request the contact matrix from us. Please contact us.